The Rights That Strengthen The Marital Bond

#MuftiMenk enlightens the #rights of the #husband and #wife and the general #etiquettes of the #relationship from the Book “SEXUAL RELATIONS AND MARRIED LIFE” by Maulana Musa Karmadi. These rights help to eliminate disputes in #matrimonial home and enhance trust between a husband and a wife to lead a happy #marriage with utmost #love and #affection in this lecture.

Mufti Menk makes mention of “She must try to fit into the family rather than coming in and making everything change overnight for her sake. Though the wife is entitled to a certain degree of privacy, she must understand that whenever there are a few women who get together and several children then not everything will be done according to one’s desire and liking. There will have to be certain differences and certain things that one will disagree with totally. It is advised to bear patience and exercise tolerance employ the most affectionate effective ways of putting forward our views and points, this does not have to be done immediately but over a period of time using tact and intellect. It is easier to maintain a good relationship than to mend a broken one…”

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