Soft Shoulder In Salah | An Important Hadith

In this clip #Mufti Menk reminds us an important hadith regarding #softshoulder in #salah /prayer. #Majid is the house of Allah. Anyone who makes others comfortable here and creates space for them is actually from among the best of people as the prophet (Saw) says the best from among you in Salah is the one who has the softest shoulders. So soften up, a little bit humble yourself.

Mufti Menk quotes here “Are you ready to give others a space? Are you ready to give a lift to someone? Are you ready to reach out to someone? If you cannot reach out to someone in your prayer, do you really think you’re going o reach out to people in anything else? It’s not possible; you need to love for others what you love for yourself from a #hadith”.

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