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Allah Almighty Proved Life After Death With The Powerful Example Of Miracle | Mufti Menk

If you take a look at Allah Almighty’s plan, many times people forget that before birth, before they were born, we believe all of us were with Allah (swt) But we don’t remember as sophisticated it as we are right now, we don’t remember the day we were born, or the first few days, or even the first year, perhaps.

We believe we are too sophisticated to just disappear one day.

Between you and something you never dreamt of, which was going to be called the life of the dunya.

There was just a membrane. You had to cross one membrane for you to witness something. Today you don’t remember, but you know you went through it.

When you thought there was nothing to come, something came. What came? A life.

Allah Almighty tells you, in the same way, you’re going to cross another membrane one day into a life that’s going to be everlasting….

A believer is told, don’t worry, just prepare for the day by trying to achieve the mercy of Allah, because the mercy of Allah is what is going to bring you into heaven, paradise.