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Watch It If You Feel Helpless Losing Loved One – Mufti Menk

If you were to look at the reason behind the creation of mankind, Allah (swt) mentions a few things primarily He says I have not created mankind of jinkind except for them to worship Me, for them to worship Allah subhanahu wata’ala primarily that’s the purpose of creation.

Someone put us here. We will also not choose to die, he will take us back when the examination is over, because one of the other purposes is to be able to worship Allah through the tests that He puts us through in our lives. This is why nobody’s life ever has been free of tests.


Allah says We will take away the life, the life of what, of who.. people around you who you love perhaps, people around you whom you see and witness, family, community whoever else, however We want to take it We will take it. People say why are innocent children dying?

The one Who gave them the life loves them more than the people who gave birth to them. People say the mother’s love is the highest. Actually Allah’s love is higher than that.

Do you understand that Allah’s plan, they might be the means of your entry into Jannah.

Allah says we will always do you a favor, you don’t know the future, we know the future, the knowledge.

On the day of qiyamah, there will be a caller who is going to call where are those who used to thank Allah in tough times and in good times, bring them come forth, VIPs.

You are here to be tested. Don’t become despondent because of one or two challenges in your life or a hundred or a thousand challenges and you.

Allah says behold! The help of Allah is very near, don’t lose hope. So Allah says  seek assistance, seek help through what? Patience and prayer… – Mufti Menk