What God Do You Reject Before Defining God! Raihan Vs Atheist | Speakers Corner

The starting point is to establish whether there is a Creator or not. For example, there’s no point of discussing with you what’s inside the building, unless you acknowledge that there is the building in the first place.

Let’s go by the foundation. in order for us to debate or to have a discussion about a possible existence of something, we first need to define what that something is before we can discuss.

Allah is independent, self-sufficient, meaning that Allah always existed. Allah is independent, meaning that Allah’s existence is not dependent upon Allah’s creation; rather we are dependent upon Allah.

If it makes sense to you, the concept of God in Islam and you believe in the existence of that God that we just spoke about and the revelation, which is the Quran, surely the best Individual, He can give us the purpose of life is the Creator.

The very fact, atheism does not exist in the real world; it’s just a mental state.

In Reality You Never Rejected Allah

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