One Of The Most Blessed Times When Allah Calls You Out To Make Dua | Mufti Menk

Ramadan is going by so quickly. Has your life changed? Have you taken this month seriously yet before you know it, it’s going to come to an end. And this may just be the lastRamadan that you and I are witnessing.

So the primary aim is to achieve God consciousness, to achieve Taqwa and to achieve the forgiveness of Allah (swt).

One of the most blessed times that you could actually call out to Allah is the time of  suhoor. That is the time, the last third of the night, the time of Tahajjud, the time just before the fajr adhan is called and at this particular time the Hadith says, Allah Almighty descends to the lowest heavens in a manner that is befitting His Majesty. And He calls out when the last third of the night remains. He calls out saying, Is there anyone seeking forgiveness that I may forgive him? Is there anyone who is repenting that I can accept the repentance? And is there anyone asking Me anything that I can give them?

Call out to Allah with your needs because Allah is calling out at that time. Answer Allah to say yes. I am the one who needs. I am the one who’s repenting. I am the one who’s seeking forgiveness.

And together with that, the second thing is it is the time of Tahajjud which is the best prayer after the fajr prayer and the Witr.

If you were to look at what you can do to earn the pleasure of Allah, He mentions in the Quran in surah Sajdah, Allah speaks of those men and those people who liven up their beddings at night, they call out to Allah with hope and with fear, fearing His punishment and hoping in His mercy. And they spend a lot from what Allah has given them.

Every night is a night where Allah writes the names of those who are granted freedom from Hellfire. At least one of these nights, my name should be on there.



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