This Life Is Not The End Goal! Mansur And Visitor | Speakers Corner Dawah

people are aware, they know what your God exists but for whatever reasons… their own desires overcome them and they don’t want to submit them because submitting God means you have to control your ego, your passions, your desires, your whole lifestyle will change and some people don’t want to..

There can be various sociological, you know, intellectual or emotional, psychological reasons, people may have not to submit to God. it doesn’t mean that They don’t believe in God.

Knowing something doesn’t mean that you will act upon it, another prime example is smoking.

So, awareness or knowledge of things doesn’t necessarily make people just act on the message.

likewise when it is applied to religion and believe in God, It is not that people don’t know that the arguments for the existence of God or even their own self, [yeah] the experiences they have about the reality and about God and the message which this God wants, how to live this life of submission, and surrender And of course, in a good life which then gives you the lead to relax life, which is going to be a Life of happiness and Bliss and joy.

We can’t force on people no, we can’t convince people. I mean, this is a false notion that I can convince you. We can’t…. you have to convince yourself. [Yes] from the information or whatever other means Is that is presented to you or come by you that you take in yourself.

so I can give you all rational reasons why Islam is true, but it might not convince you Because what convinces you is what you make that as a convincing for you.

this life has been created as a test as Muslims We believe in which we have to demonstrate to ourselves whether we’re worthy of going to a place of happiness or misery and suffering and we will be in front of the judge, God who will judge based on what we believed and what we did, our belief and actions.

This life is not the end goal; this is an area where we can test ourselves to go to an eternal destination.

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