A Response Against Liberal Fascism From Modi To Macron On The Minority Muslims In France | Imam Omar Suleiman

Everything that happens in the world affects us. Everything that strikes our ummah which is like one body affects us and Allah knows that if we were to try to dissect and try to address every one of those approaches we would fail every single time. When we talk about catastrophes and when we talk about the bombings and the horrible Things that are happening to people all over the world to our brothers and sisters all over the world.

It represents a concerning blueprints, A few of the brothers and sisters in France who say that, this is the worst that they have ever seen it in France.

We know the cycle and France in the name of superior values; You have a community that is targeted over and over again with various forms of policy and subjugation. Muslim women constantly harassed by government and Society; the stigmatization of the Muslim population.

Muslims, they’re saying now is worse than it has ever Been before that what they are witnessing, is reminiscent of the things that they read about the 20th century where you had the worst forms of casualties. You had the greatest number of casualties in a single Century in the history of mankind in the name of all sorts of ideologies, secular ideologies, Nazism, fascism, communism, And yes capitalism; all of these different isms that led to the murder of so many different people and subhanAllah, it’s reminiscent of that to them right now.

state Terror Is this most crystallized in terms of policy in a way that creates a frightening blueprint that we all have to be very  careful of….

But in France dear brothers and sisters in the name of prescribed secularism, you literally have Liberal fascism and you have a man that the world needs to call upon right now and sanction and censure in macron who is no different from Modi in the way that he’s carrying out these policies.

What’s the difference between Modi creating a separate set of laws for Muslims in India and macron creating a separate set of laws in France. Where are the blueprints? Genocides are carried out in the name of assimilation.

This is what we have at this juncture. And it’s not it’s not Islam that has the problem. It’s France that has the problem and it’s the potential blueprint that creates around the world just like China and India have a connection, Myanmar has a connection, China tried to protect Myanmar and the United Nations from being charged with genocide.

the prophet salallahu alayhi wasalaam has been portrayed  in the worst of ways , insulted in the worst of ways, children subjected to that humiliation and reminded over and over and over again that they are lesser that they are to accept a second class level of existence in their societies and that insult that takes place in the in the types of policies that have targeted Muslim women over and Over and over again…

Where a person opens up their mouth against the islamophobia in France and their assaulted by the police in front of their families and handcuffed and taken away and humiliated because they dare to critique the islamophobia of France suddenly, all the values and all the freedom of speech goes out the window

you should not grieve or feel sadness as long as you are believers, you remain that status in that status of  being elevated by the only one who grants true elevation, And that is Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala

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