Muslims’ Rest | Last 10 Years From The Life Of The Messenger (Saw) | Shaykh Ali Hammuda

Our Islamic months begin with the sacred month Muharram and they end with the sacred month Dhuʻl-Hijjah/ Zulhijjah is an indication that your life has to begin upon the worship of Allah. It must end upon the worship of Allah and everything in between is all for Allah.

Allah says to us to say my prayer, my Sacrifice, my life, my death, they are all for the sake of Allah, Lord of the worlds, Allahu Akbar.

The last 10 years from the life of the messenger (saw) did he rest? He didn’t rest. We’re talking about immigration till death. Alayhi salatu wassalam,

Every day that passes from my life and yours, a page from our book has been turned, a page after page till one day your story will come to an end. then we will be returned back to Allah.

“He said o Imam, when will we taste the meaning of rest? He said, you will rest my brother following the very first footstep that you make into jannah. Then you will rest. – From Imam Ahmed (Rah)

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