Are You Really A Merciful Servant Of Allah!! – Mufti Menk

🛑The difficulties can be divided into many different categories but two main categories those in this world and those of the hereafter; I promise you the difficulties of this world if you manage them correctly as a believer you will never have difficulties in the hereafter. Some people who don’t manage their difficulties and hardships in this world properly, Allah speaks about them by saying they have lost this world and they have also lost the afterlife.

📌As much as we would like to have hope in the mercy of Allah through our difficulties in this dunya, we need to make sure we are not the point of suffering of someone else, remember that.

✅Prophet Muhammad (saw) speaks about a true Muslim is he who doesn’t use his tongue or his hands to harm anyone; in another narration a Muslim is the one whom the other people are saved from the evil of his tongue or his hand which means no verbal abuse and no physical abuse. One narration speaks of the Muslims protecting the Muslimeen in that way making sure you don’t harm and the other one speaks about mankind at large.

✔️Allah does not have mercy on the one who doesn’t have mercy on the rest of the people, are you a merciful servant of Allah? Are you really a merciful servant of Allah? Do you have mercy in your home with your children, with your spouses, with your daughters, with your brothers and sisters? If you would like the mercy of Allah, you need to show the quality of mercy at least to others- Mufti Menk

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