The Acts Which Create Direct Link With Allah | Mufti Menk

Allah continues to be in the assistance of His #worshipper for as long as that worshipper is continuing be the assistance of his fellow brother or another. #Charitable #deeds is not only confined to monetary deeds ; “No”It can also be by smile, by beautiful greeting, by helping someone cross the road, by pushing someone’s wheelchair, by being polite and kind, by being courteous, by fulfilling the rights of others, by stroking the over the head of the child who is an orphan out of affection and care to show them that you care as well; you show care for an orphan; Allah shows care for you , you show genuine concern for a widow, Allah shows care for you. So if I want the help of Allah, I need to start helping the others and I need to protect myself from selfishness because selfishness will chase away the help of #Allah. When a person lives for himself or herself alone he is at his own mercy but when a person lives a way that he wants to reach out to others; his Maker will reach out to him because he has reached out to those who have been created the same Maker –#MuftiMenk video clip.

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