Earn Your Paradise By Serving Your Parents | Mufti Menk & Dr Uthman Lateef | Emotional

Parenthood is sacred. #MuftiMenk draws our attention that we have to show utmost respect to our parents no matter whether they are #Muslim or not and whether we like them or not to achieve Jannah (#paradise) from the #Quran in this video clip.

#DrUthmanLateef mentioned thatThe #ProphetMuhammed (saw) was extremely concerned about the rights, responsibilities and having a beautiful relationship between #child and the #parents. A man once asked Rasulullah (saw) what is the best deed what is the most beloved deed or action to Allah and the Prophet said it is to pray on time that is the most beloved action to Allah and then the man said well what next them and then the prophet said to show #goodness to your parents is the next best action and then the man said what next and he said struggling in the cause of God is the best action.

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