Diversity In Humankind Is A Sign Of Allah (Swt) | Mufti Menk & Omar Suleiman

#MuftiMenk said that Allah created #humankind with different languages and different colours and all the diversity is a sign and gift of #Allah (swt) to know each other and avoid boring life on the earth. On the other hand

, #OmarSuleiman pointed out that Political strife has always led to enhance #racism, #tribalism & #nationalism which are pre-Islamic just traditionally even Today by the way whenever it’s the divide-and-conquer rule authority is failing that he pits his people against each other right there empty slogans and through racism you look at us as an #Ummah today Masha’Allah ,we are boasting about these flags that were given to us at time of discussing of the root cause of racism, tribalism, nationalism. He mentioned that how our beloved prophet Muhammed (saw) struggled to remove these types of discrimination before he got his prophethood as an activist of #socialjustice in this video..


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