Wake Up Call For The Ultimate Destination | Sheikh Khalid Yasin & Mufti Menk

Sheikh #KhalidYasin addresses that one day we have to depart from this world; death is like sleeping, your body is gone, your body is dead, your spirit is gone but your consciousness is there, you’re going to be hearing and you’re going to be seeing because that’s a different kind of consciousness. So be prepared for the ultimate destination by following the rules and regulations of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala in this lecture.

#MuftiMenk points out that what would happen at the first night in the grave. There are three questions going to be asked by the angels- who is Rabb (#God)? Who is your Nabi (#Prophet)? And what is your #Deen (#Religion)? The preparation for the life after death is the most important thing. Mufti Menk mentions-it is Allah Who has created death and life for a certain reason; what’s the reason- in order to test who has better deeds from amongst us by quoting from the Quran.

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