How To Get The Real Taste Of Happiness Removing Depression | Mufti Menk

In this lecture #MuftiMenk highlights the root causes of #depression in the #materialistic #society and how #spirituality that devoting to the religious teachings only can remove depression by bringing happiness & #serenity in our lives. He also says that the #religion we follow Islam is a way of life. It does not have rules and regulations only connected to one aspect of living but in fact it includes every aspect of living and if we were to live according to Islam we would actually be very happy people.

Mufti Menk Quoted “Many of us are searching for #happiness, many of us are searching for contentment; #Contentment lies in adopting what the Almighty says we should be adopting; never be #selfish when we are selfish we cannot be content. Happiness lies in making others happy.”


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