Which Type Of Nikah Function Is Blessed & Duas At Wedding Night | Mufti Menk & Assim Al Hakeem

n this video clip, #MuftiMenk explains the ruling on #engagement in light of the Islam with English subtitle. Then He mentions some of the #marriages that are the most blessed are those that the least amount of wealth is used least extravagance. When we have marriages we are taught to have a simple marriage why because it is an act of worship from hadith.

Mufti Menk Quotes in this lecture, “We must make sure that we do not engage in earning the anger of Allah. Marriage is half of your Eman according to one of the narrations, the walima or that party is a celebration of half of your Eman if you are celebrating half of your Eman by allowing women to come into the gathering who are not even dressed properly or the bride herself is half naked and the groom was to sit with the females then you are celebrating half of your Iman by pleasing satan; your marriage won’t work it will not work I guarantee that.”

Shaykah Assim Al Hakeem mentions two important #dua (#supplication) at wedding night from hadith: Placing your hands on your wife’s head and praying for her Allaahumma innee as’aluka min khairiha wa khairi maa jabaltaha ‘alaihi wa a’oodhubika min sharriha wa sharri maa jabaltaha ‘alaihi( “O Allaah, I ask You for the good in her and the good with which You have created her, and I seek refuge in You from the evil in her and the evil with which You have created her.” )

What to say at the time of making #Love When a Muslim man is about to enter his #wife, he should always say first: Bismillahi, Allahumma jannibnaa ash-shaitaan, wa jannib ash-shaitaan maa razaqtanna [In the name of Allah, O Allah, keep us away from the devil, and keep the devil away from that which You may grant us (ie. offspring).] About this, the Prophet said: “After that, if Allah decrees that they will have a child, the devil will never be able to harm that child”.

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