Every 20 Marriages 12 Of Them Are Breaking *Shocking* | Mufti Menk

#MuftiMenk mentions he was an article that every 20 #marriages twelve of them are breaking; eight of them are lasting. That’s a disaster if that’s the truth. Wherever it is something that can be resolved; try your best to resolve it and try your best to forgive people; give people correct advice as well.

#Mufti Quote in this clip “People say the marriage was a mistake. Sometimes the divorce was a bigger mistake. There is no angel on earth- you want to divorce someone because they’ve made one mistake but you are making another 20 mistakes of a different nature; if that person is prepared to seek forgiveness; if they show remorse and regret then don’t just break it; don’t throw your BMW away solely only because one of the panel’s was badly damaged; no – repair it. It will cost you a little bit; try work together. I promise you the marriages that have been built after a mistake or a sin or something went wrong are far stronger than those who have not tasted that or those that have not been through this”.

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