Stay Firm On I Am A Muslim | Ep 21

This lecture is Episode 21of Save yourself part 2. #MuftiMenk Mentions surah Al Mu’min known as Al Ghafir wheren angels make #dua (#supplication) for believers who have these two qualities; oh Allah give them the #Jannah and the #paradise that You have promised them. The two qualities are seeking forgiveness and following the path of Allah (swt). From Surah Ha Mim As Sajdah, also known as Surah Fussilat Mufti Menk hightlights to stay firm on the #Deen at any circumstances and from the surah Shu’ara important thing in our lives should be consulted with those who are qualified and who care for us. At last from Az-Zukhruf, whe should turn back to Allah being #humble and the #Shaitaan will depart from our life.

Mufti Menk Quotes “Trust me justice is justice and the best of justice is when it is served to the weakest of the lot in a way that they are made honorable in the eyes of those who have power and wealth and they begin to know that justice has absolutely no lines this is what Islam is”.

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