Go Back To Factory Settings | Ep 20

#MuftiMenk urges to go back to factory settings through wiping all sins out because it’s #Ramadan you can return to factory settings by mentioning a very important dua (supplication). This lecture is episode number 20 of “Save Yourself Part 2”.

He mentions something beautiful about ibraheem alehissalaam the story of how he went to sacrifice his son. Ibrahim alayhi Salam every time Allah instructed him to do something it was so difficult even if it didn’t make sense for surah As-Saaffat. From surah Saad Mufti Menk talks about Dawood (As) how he established justice and from surah Az-Zumar, he brings up two groups of people, one group will go to heaven and another will go to hell.

Mufti Menk Quotes in this lecture “we try to help each other. I tell you why? We’re all drowning and we all need to save each other those who have been saved by the will of Allah; we will never regret but try to save other people while you’re saving yourself”.

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