Fortify Against The Signs Of Hypocrisy | Ep 26

This is episode number 26 of “Save Yourself Part 2, 2017 by #MuftiMenk. Mufti Menk makes mentions of Surah Al-Mumtahina ( Allah makes clear , with whom you are not allowed make friendship ), Surah Al-Saff (why do you say one thing and do another thing thing that is a very big sinning the eyes of Allah (swt), Surah Jumuah ( Friday is the most blessed day of the week; it is the Eid of the Muslims), Surah Al-Munafiqun (sign of Hypocrisy), surah – Talaq (talks about Divorce; save yourselves from divorcing wrongly by learning the rules and regulations governing divorce), Surah At-Tahrim (Allah’s mercy is far broader than our sins or whatever you have done in the past), Surah Al-Mulk (Allah makes mention of the fact that He is more concerned about the quality of Our deed than quantity of it) , Surah Noon (Allah mentions that the character and conduct of prophet Muhammed sallallahu alaihi wasallam is of the highest level), surah Al Haqqah (The day when we will be standing in front of Allah subhanahu wata’ala and we will be answering whatever we’ve done and after that we will be given our book of Deeds)

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