React In The Wise Way Against Islam- Related Satirical Cartoons & videos

In this video clip #Muftimenk makes mentions of how to react against drawing Satirical cartoons (Astaghfirullah) against our beloved prophet Muhammed ﷺ. Mufti Menk insists us on being proactive and using the opportunity to educate people by quoting when they harmed Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in taif and in his life in his person, He ﷺ reacted with a beautiful du’a; he ﷺ reacted in a calm way as a result they turned to Islam wholesale. I want to tell you every time they have drawn cartoons or come out with blasphemous videos, scores of people have turned to Islam as a direct result of what they did. I guarantee you that….

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