Don’t Despair When Allah Is In Control

Mufti Menk says that man always wants what he thinks is better for him not realizing that certain things are not good for you. So through the mercy of Allah, Allah says no matter how old you are even if you’re Allah says this I know it’s not good for you I’m going to keep it away from you. When He does that which I don’t want and you don’t want but He wants. It’s a favor if you believe in Allah you will automatically believe that whatever he has chosen for me is the absolute best there’s no chance then that can be anything besides the ultimate best regarding how to deal with #loss He further mentions that when something bad happens in your life; the first question- you ask yourself is what my role to play in this was. If you are to blame you need to rectify the blame, seek forgiveness and sort it out. But if you are not to blame you must be very happy very excited because now it is Allah in play and he is putting you where he knows it’s better for you.

#MuftiMenk quotes in this lecture “Don’t #despair Allah is in control; don’t look at things from a negative eye if you yourself are trying. When you need to look at it negatively is when you are a negative person; there’s nothing good about you”

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