One Of The Most Powerful Acts of Worship Is How You Earn & Spend On

In this Jummah lecture (Friday’s Sermon / Khutbah) #MuftiMenk reminds us About a great act of worship one of those things that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says it is going to be the top four things that we will be asked about on the day of judgement before we even move, Allah says #earning and #spending is one of the most important acts of worship through which you will either get closer to your maker or distant remember that. we need to make sure that we earn it in a proper way and more than that make sure you spend it in the best possible way as Allah is watching.

Mufti Menk quotes here “Revisit your connection with your wealth because that will determine your connection with Allah. Earning and spending is one of the most important acts of worship.What you spend your money on is an act of worship that will be written against your name right up to the day of judgment on which day you shall be asked to give a record of every penny you spent where did you spend it and why did you spend it there…..”-

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