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Is It The End Of Times! Sequence Of Emergence Of Imam Madi, Ad-Dajjal, Jesus/Issa (A.S) Yajud Majud | Shaykh Hasan Ali

You’ve got to look at the full history. You can’t just take one little bit and then say yeah, this is our Theory basing on this and that Yajud Majud have come out because the lake is is now dry or it’s almost dry.

Be careful what you believe because you got to be able to take the Hadith in the totality, a lot of these things, you know people give you a snippet of a Hadith and I’ll make you believe in one thing but they’ll miss out on another whole thing.

Be careful in what you actually believe and whose are they giving you this? Because if you don’t take all hadith in consideration, you’re going to start believing in stuff that that’s not actually true.