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Beware Of These Two Extreme Behaviours On The 10th Muharram / Ashura | Ustad Mohammad Tim Humble

From the four sacred months of the year is  Shahrullahi Al-Muharram, Allah’s sacred month of Muharram. And if you reflect upon it, Allah azawajal nended the year with a sacred month; The month of Dhul-Hijjah and Allah began the year with a sacred month; Shahrullahi Al-Muharram.

Imam Ibn Rajan (Rah),  he mentioned a benefit in this. He said the reason it is Allah’s month is because the action that is associated with this month is Allah’s action, the action that is only for Allah (swt) and the action that is only for Allah (swt), It is the action of fasting. And since fasting is something which is only for Allah in the sense that nobody knows if you are really fasting except Allah, then because this action has a greater level of attachment.

Something which is very, very important for us to point out is that with regard to the day of Ashura, there are two extremes, extreme behaviour that we see among people who claim for themselves Islam.

And in reality, they have nothing to do with Islam. And Islam has nothing to do with them.

It is a day of solemn, of fasting and a day of worship. It is a day of solemn, of fasting and a day of worship. It’s a day to worship Allah, the way the prophet (pbuh) worshiped Allah on that day.

If you don’t take advantage of your time, you will lose except those who believe and do good deeds.

So fill this month with fasting and obedience to Allah. Don’t oppress yourself in this month of Muharram. Take this time to come near to Allah with voluntary fasting.

Look for the day of Ashura and fast one day before it and the day of Ashura itself. And be from those people who take advantage of Allah’s Month of Muharram.