Exploit Your Beautiful Relationship With Allah | Mufti Menk

Allah knows you’re a human being. Allah knows the pressures and the stresses you’re going through.

Allah knows the environment you’re living in. Allah knows the circumstances you are facing more than anyone else. Allah knows the challenges that you have. Allah knows that you’re trying to make ends meet.

Allah knows that you’re faltering from time to time. He knows that you’re dropping back into the same sin again and again.

Each time you regret and say,

oh, Allah, I’m weak. I’m a human. Forgive me, O Allah. I’m not doing this out of defiance of you. You are my Maker. I have none other than You to forgive me, to have mercy on me, to carry me into the hereafter. But it’s my human weakness that makes me fall into this.

What a beautiful relationship with Allah.

You need to know, even if you have not been praying, the day you start is the day you shall succeed.

It’s not the end of everything. Are you not breathing?

Well, There’s a hope for me and hope for you. And when I do, I’m convinced, He’s not just going to throw me aside and punish me and so on.

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