Night Prayer- The Honour Of The Believer And Four Frequently Asked Questions | Shaykh Ali Hammuda

An act of worship that we can describe as being the path of the prophets and Messengers, The Path of every revivalist who succeeded in bringing about great change and Reformation in his or her society. An act of worship that is undoubtedly one of the cornerstones and the key ingredients, tying the knot and repairing a broken relationship between ourselves and Allah, A key ingredient in restoring Iman, repairing broken hearts, Reviving spirituality of a paradise on Earth, gift from Allah Almighty to humanity qiyam al layl / the night prayer.

The messenger salallahu Alihi wasalam said, he said hold on to the night prayer because it is the way of the righteous people before you and it is a means of drawing closer to your lord and it is a means of erasing sins and it is a means of protecting yourself from sins.

Whoever is looking for one of the shortest stairways that lead to the pleasure of Allah, you and I will find it in the night.

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