Anger Will Destroy You – Mufti Menk

🛑You don’t need to get angry‼️
⚡️The problem with us when someone swears us, we don’t know the guidance, we don’t even have hope in the mercy of Allah. we swear them back with a double swear words, subhanAllah. We swear them back. that’s not what Mumin is and you can smile and you can say oh Allah guide him, he doesn’t know that is a true believer. You have hope, you are living with a smile on your face.

✔️Anger will destroy you, it will destroy your health, it will destroy your relationships. You’ll end up oppressing your children and your family members without realizing it. Because someone said something to me today and I didn’t like it. I vented on those I love the most. So you have a problem now at home because of what? You didn’t realize what it was. But if you learn to let go and have hope in the mercy of Allah perhaps Allah will guide this person – Mufti Menk


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