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Either one of Two Things Lead To Paradise Without Hisab! Amazing Lecture | Mufti Menk

Every one of us wants  JANNATUL FIRDAU. We want to enter paradise, and we wanted to be easy. So Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala has told us of several categories of people who will enter Jannah without Reckoning.


So there is a Hadith wherein the prophet (Pbuh) said that on the day of judgment before the Reckoning, a caller will call and he will say, the people today are going to know who is of Honor, who is generous, who is truly generous, and here it’s referring to the generosity of Allah (swt) in forgiving people. Then when he will call, The same caller will call, and he will say where are those who used to praise Allah upon all conditions: be it difficult or easy.

The Hadith says they will stand up and they will be few in number, not so many, and they will be told to enter Jannah without Reckoning, no Reckoning for you. Before We start taking Reckoning you used to thank Us upon all conditions. As a result, We are giving you entry into Jannah, no Reckoning, subhanallah.

Thank Allah upon all conditions. So if goodness comes to you, thank Allah. If something bad happens to you, thank Allah. There is another Hadith, the prophet (Pbuh), It is reported that he used to say,

Wa zid-nee ‘ilman al hamdulillah ‘ala kulli haal wa a’oothu billahi min haal ahlin naar

Wa zid-nee ‘ilman al hamdulillah ‘ala kulli haal wa a’oothu billahi min haal ahlin naar
“And increase me in knowledge. All praise is for Allaah in all circumstances
and I seek refuge with Allaah from the condition of the people of Hell.”


The reason is they understood that everything comes from Allah, and it’s in Allah’s control, the minute you understand that and live by it, you worshipped Allah upon the highest degree.

There’s a second category; where are those who used to at night forsake their beddings worshipping Allah, calling out to Him when everyone else was asleep, and they used to call out to Allah with a sense of hope and the sense of fear?

So the last part of the Hadith says those who used to forsake their beddings they will stand up as well. And they will also be few in number and they will be told enter Jannah before we start Reckoning with everyone else.