The First Thing That Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Said In his Last Most Important Lecture | Mufti Menk

The final sermon or the farewell sermon is the most important lecture ever to be delivered.

The Creator knows what you should do to get that happiness. To get the contentment you see., Amazing…

Had this world been worth more than the weight of the wing of a fly in the eyes of Allah, He would have given it to the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him first. But He didn’t because it means nothing. It weighs zero in the eyes of Allah. It’s a deception, if you think of it,

Those who have are not content and those who are content don’t have and those who don’t have sometimes are looking for what?, they don’t have and lose their contentment. So it’s only belief in Allah that will help you to actually achieve the contentment everyone’s looking for.

The first thing the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) mentioned was that the blood between you is sacred. Do not spill blood. The most powerful message commenced with your blood and your dignity, your lives, basically as well as your reputations are all sacred just like the sacredness of this day.

You don’t falsely accuse people, and you don’t go to war with people for nothing. You don’t kill people. You don’t harm people and hurt people. This is the primary message of Islam.

He says, Well, your blood and your wealth and your dignity, your honor is sacred, just like the sacredness of this day in this month in this place. just like the sacredness of this day in this month in this place.

And that’s why they say the blood of a Muslim is more sacred than the sacred house, the kaaba.

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