“I Don’t Care Attitude” Promoting Complacency By Religious Texts – Mufti Menk

When the truth is mixed with falsehood and it is presented to people in order to promote complacency. Then we call it religious blackmail.

When someone tells you that Allah is in control; yes, we believe that. Nothing will happen except by the will of Allah. Yes, we believe that.

then they add to that Well, don’t worry, you don’t need To take any precautions about anything because there is no such thing as getting sick or getting ill and there is no such thing as this and that and sometimes they go as far as saying sustenance is from Allah alone. You’re earning is only from Allah. So sleep and don’t get off your bed, stay there and if money or sustenance is written for you, It will drop through the ceiling or it will come into your bed. We know that that is a joke.

The last part of it is a Joke, it is wrong. It is actually something known as tawākul (false trust in Allah).

When we lay specific trust we have to ask ourselves have I played my role. The role Allah has asked me to play.

When you use religious texts in order to promote complacency and you’ve married the truth with falsehood that is called religious blackmail. Let’s be careful.

Don’t ever promote complacency; never ever lie to people regarding what the almighty wants from them.

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