Tag: A emotional story between Father Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) & Daughter Fatima (Ra)

Father & Daughter: This story Between Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) And Fatima (Ra) Will Make You Cry | Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda

Fatima (Ra) was the youngest of the daughters of the Prophet (pbuh). She lived and experienced and kind of grew up during the era of the preaching and the teaching of the message of Islam. She was very beloved to the Prophet (pbuh) and she had seen everything that he had been through as well.

The softness, the gentleness, the kindness, the loyalty that the Prophet (pbuh) had to his people and thereby therefore, it encouraged and facilitated others to be just as loyal and dedicated and devoted to him.

Focus on building your relationships. Value the people in your life.

If you can’t treat the people close to you you with decency and dignity, deliver to the rest of humanity?

The greatest testament to the truth of the Prophet (pbuh) is that the people that were closest to him, believed in him more than anyone else.

The messenger of Allah, (pbuh), it’s like the closer you get, the more they love him, the more they believe in him, the more they’re dedicated to him.

Focus on being that type of a person of substance and quality.