Goose Bumps Incident About The Fasting Of Arafah During Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ Hajj | Dr. Omar Suleiman

There’s one incident that takes place where Abu Hurairah (ra) narrates the Prophet (pbuh) forbade fasting Arafah, at Arafah. So if you’re at Arafah, you can’t fast. Now, the people, they doubted whether the prophet (pbuh) was fasting or not because they were used to for years before.

So they were used to fasting the day of Arafah and they didn’t know if the prophet (pbuh) was fasting or not. But he (pbuh) was so immersed in his du’a / supplications that they couldn’t even interrupt him to ask him if he was fasting or not.

So Maymunah (ra), the wife of the prophet (pbuh), she witnesses this and she sees the people and they are so thirsty. They’re getting dehydrated. It’s hot. So Maymunah (ra), she says that I took a glass of milk and I took it  to the Prophet (pbuh) While he was  making dua, the prophet (pbuh) looked at me, he grabbed  a glass of milk.

He raised up his glass so that everyone would see that he was about to drink from this container of milk. And then he (pbuh) drank from it. And then everybody drank.

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