How The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) Untied Eleven Knots Of Black Magic Or Witchcraft | Mufti Menk

The protection of Allah (swt) Who is the owner of protection; If Allah has not protected someone, they are doomed. And if Allah has protected someone then nothing can ever harm them.

if we were to follow the Prophet (pbuh)’s sunnah every morning and evening, we would be seeking the protection of Allah from the evil that is around us.

You know, the devils are two types: not only jinnkind. Sometimes your friend is a Shaitan.

Sometimes you and I can become little Satans when we encourage others to disobey Allah and we are disobeying Allah when we create fitna and we are the source of it.

There are people who are closer to Allah than you whom you think afar from Allah but you don’t know because Tawaqa (piety) is only known by Allah. That’s why He’s got a Day of Judgment.

May Allah grant us Steadfast and Steadfastness is a journey that lasts right up to the last breath. Some people quit right at the end and some people jump on right at the end.

May Allah grant us death with faith- amen

Don’t ever lower your guard. We would be fools if we know that there’s satan and jinnkind all around us trying to attack us and we don’t read simple dua every morning and evening and after every Salah.

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