Be Advised From Those Advices Of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) First Before Advising Others | Dr. Omar Suleiman

One of the most sensitive subjects; when you talk about the rights of a Muslim on another Muslim is this concept of Naseeha / This concept of sincere advice and the most sincere advisor that has ever been sent to us was none other than our messenger (pbuh). Until now, the sincere advice of the Prophet (pbuh) lives with us and it guides us, and it pushes us forward.

Prophet (pbuh) mentioned that goodness will prevail in this nation so long as we continue to sincerely advise one another. Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala tells us that advice is to be given in the best of ways even to the worst of people.

The overall spirit of generosity, that when the Prophet Muhammed (ﷺ) was giving you advice. He put his own ego to the side ,Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, anything of the Nafs /self to the side because it was all about your welfare.

Imam shafi (Rah) said, whoever gives his brother or sister advice in private, has given them sincere advice and beautified them, they come out better. They come out stronger. And whoever gives them advice in public has humiliated them and betrayed them. We don’t put people on blast in the name of sincerity.

The Prophet (pbuh) always mentioned the good quality first of a person before he tried to correct what he saw.

Every one of these specific advice to the Prophet (pbuh) or from the Prophet (pbuh) to a companion fits us as well. There isn’t a single one of those advises that you can’t read and take for yourself as something beneficial.

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