The Golden Traits Of Prophet Muhammed (ﷺ) To Be An Ideal Husband In Our Modern Day- Mufti Menk

Discussing the various aspects of the life of Rasulullah (Pbuh), the best of creation, the most Noble of all prophets of Allah; the best of creation, the most Noble of all prophets of Allah.

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was a great man. He was known as Assadikul Amin. Assadikul Amin meaning the Truthful, the trustworthy as a result of his truthfulness and trustworthiness he e became a husband for the first time

Today we are taught when you’re looking for a spouse, you look at two main things, the Deen / Religion and the Khuluq / Good Nature. If the person has outstanding religion and they have outstanding character, that’s who you want as the father of your children, as an eternal leader of the home for example, a person who will take you through to JANNATUL FIRDAUS.

Your spouse, Allah chooses both of you for a purpose. There is a purpose you will fulfil either a good one or a bad one. Make Dua. It’s a good one. Make Du’a. It is a purpose that will make you earn JANNATUL FIRDAUS as a result.

Don’t become sad when your spouse is asking you to become closer to Allah because that is what your success would ultimately be through mercy of Allah.

the more religious you are, One of the characteristics is you become romantic with the right people. Notice the last words, the right people, because when you’re not religious and when you’re not conscious of Allah, you are romantic, but with the wrong people.

When you’re conscious, you become romantic with the right people. And this love and affection is felt. And this connection is felt so deep. It’s just amazing.

There are days when you may not have and there are days when you will have. A man’s test is when he has everything. And a woman’s test is when he has nothing.

may Allah make us focus on the Akirah and on Jannah.. rather than focusing on petty material things of this world, this world does not equate even the weight of the wing of a fly in the eyes of Allah.

So what are you stressed about? Subhanallah, no need to stress over the Dunia.


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