Correct Her In The Most Loving Way 🚫No License to Disrespect Someone’s Daughter | Mufti Menk

The prophet salallahu alaihe wasalam reminds us who the best from amongst us is- he (saw) Said the best from amongst you is the one who is best to his wife, primarily That’s the meaning but by extension, it includes your spouse which means either way it also includes the broader families,

Why is so much importance given to the #wife? You bring in someone’s daughter, an innocent person, someone who’s come into the house. She is the daughter of a family who loves her.

Now, you’ve brought her with the name of Allah into your care, the best from amongst you are those who can appreciate her for who she is and when you have to correct her or when you have to say something you say it in the Most loving and kind way.

You must stand up for your spouse, never use religious blackmail to oppress your own wife and to let her know or to tell her, you know heaven lies at the feet of my mother. That is statement is used as religious blackmail.

Build your relationship, be kind be good in the way you speak to each other. Don’t be very demanding.

They may like or dislike slightly differently from you. But that doesn’t mean you have the license to disrespect them and disregard who they are, honor them and Allah will give you honor.

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