The Reward Of Defending The Prophet (ﷺ) Intelligently….. AIYP Ep-10 | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

No person who loves Allah and the Messenger (pbuh) can be completely unaffected by the insults towards the Prophet (pbuh), by the way that the Prophet (pbuh)’s been drawn, ridiculed, portrayed, particularly in the Western image to look like what the Muslim man is being molded to be…..

When he’s (saw) being insulted, your raw emotion tells you to respond in a certain way.

When a person defends the Prophet (pbuh), not just any angel would come and support them, but maybe Jibreel (pbuh) as well because that’s what caused Jibreel to come in the life of Hassan ibn Thabit (r).

If defending your brother, in his absence,  with his honor, causes an angel to defend you and protect you, what then does that mean when we defend the Prophet (pbuh) intelligently, intellectually, emotionally, without becoming who they want us to become, and demonstrating, in the process of defending the Prophet (pbuh), the character of the Prophet (pbuh), even in that defense, so that we don’t submit to that horrific image that they’ve painted of him (pbuh).

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