Say These Powerful Words Before You Sleep To Increase In Strength And Sustenance | Taught By The Prophet (ﷺ) | Shaykh Omar Suleiman

People come to the prophet (saw) and say who do you love the most? and can you imagine Ali and Fatima (ra) asking the prophet (saw) which of us to do you love more? but now it’s Ali and Fatima (ra) asking the prophet (saw) by the way, who Do You Love More? What do you think the answer of the prophet (saw) was? both… the prophet (saw) had the most eloquent answer. First of all the prophet (saw) can’t lie. Alright. his heart is attached to fatima (Ra) He loves fatima (Ra) and fatima (Ra) was very special to him. But at the same time he doesn’t want to answer that question in a way that would hurt Ali (ra) Who he also raised like his own son. Right? And he loved Ali (ra) like his own son. He’s a son, he’s his cousin.

He’s his brother in Medina. He’s so much to him. So they asked the prophet (saw) Which of us two is more beloved to you? So he looked at Ali (ra) and he said she is more beloved to me than you but you are more precious to me than her. So he gave them an answer that they could both take some pride in right? of course, there are certain connotations to that what he means by that and you are more beloved to me o Fatima because the prophet (saw) truly loved her that much, now the first problem that arises in this marriage: Is not that they had an argument, it’s not that they… the poverty got to them. It’s the distance from the prophet salallahu alaihe wasalam Once they got married, realized they were poor, they were distant from the messenger Sallallahu wasallam, their home was far away and they felt a distance from him. Fatima (Ra) grew up as the daughter and then ….. the mother of her father , of the prophet (saw), Ali (ra) also felt the distance from the prophet salallahu alaihe wasalam, and if you look at an old map of Medina, you’ll That the …. the apartment of the Prophet (saw) if you will the small homes of the Prophet (saw) where you would see his grave now, so his…. where his grave is actually the room of who? the appartment of Ayesha (ra) that’s where the home of the prophet (Saw) and ayesha (Ra) was and then you you have these small homes that run to the left side of the Masjid, right?

And they run two by two, taking up that That area and the house was far away from the prophet (saw) house. Now all of the homes of the prophet (Saw) actually belonged or were built on the land of one man. And his name was… and his name doesn’t come up. I’m not even going to bother asking if someone knows that MashaAllah, but it’s a very hard name to find. His name is Haritha Ibn an-Nu`man’ (Ra) Haritha Ibn an-Nu`man’…. He’s not that well known from the companions, but he owned a huge piece of land. Next to the area of the Masjid. So whenever the prophet (saw) would get married. He’d give him a new extension of the land so that the prophet (saw) could have a home there. So when Ali and Fatima (ra) got married the prophet (saw) was too embarrassed to ask Haritha (ra) for more lands so that he could have a home for fatima and ali (Ra) close to him. So Haritha (Ra) saw in the prophet (saw) one day, some sort of emotion some longing, so he said to him do you miss your daughter Fatima (ra) and the prophet (saw) said yes, and he knew what he was indicating. He said that I was too embarrassed to ask you because you’ve already given us so much. so, how are this is the humility of the prophet (saw) he could snap his finger and everyone will throw everything at him, right? But he doesn’t want to take advantage of the kindness of Haritha, so he said I didn’t want to ask you for more and Haritha said by Allah the land that I give to you is more beloved to me than the land that I keep with me. I love giving you lands, you could take all the properties that you want. It’s okay. So he told the prophet (Saw) why don’t you take this piece of land which is right across from your house with ayesa (Ra)? Okay. So why don’t you take that piece of land right across from your house with ayesa (ra) So the prophet (saw) smiled and he made Dua for him.

He prayed for him that Allah would give him a palace in Paradise. So fatima and Ali (ra)’s home was then built. adjacent to the house of the prophet (saw) and ayesa (ra) in fact, the only window that you have in those small. If you look at the models of how those homes were built. It was only one window, the window of ayesa (ra) and the window of Fatima (ra) were facing each other, right? So it’s very close to the house of the Prophet salallahu alaihe wasalam, so they moved close to him, but then you had the problem of poverty. As I mentioned in the story of Ali (ra) and Ali (Ra) was always poor, always in poverty, right his whole life is defined by intense poverty and the prophet (saw) himself lived in great poverty. So it’s not like the prophet (saw) made it and then left his daughter in poverty, no, the prophet (saw) himself was in deep poverty until the day of his death, right? the prophet (saw) never moved into a palace. He never ate more than a meal a day and it was usually just some dates and water. Prophet (saw) was in poverty. So Ali and fatima (ra) reached the point of extreme poverty and Ali (Ra) developed back pain and fatima (Ra) developed blisters in her hands because of the amount of work that they had to do just to stay afloat and she was exhausted. And Ali (ra) said to Fatima radiyaallahu ana why don’t you ask the prophet (saw) if he could provide a khadem.. a servant. And a maid, someone help out in the home and fatima (Ra) said that I’m too embarrassed to ask him. Ali (Ra) said why don’t you just go and just inquire just see if the prophet (saw), you know the prophet (saw) had high emotional intelligence, he could tell what his daughter would want or.. you know, and he would be able to read it and prophet (saw) would likely as we know his character would likely go ahead and say Yes fine, you know, here you go and so fatima (ra) went to the house of the the prophet (saw) after Salatul fajr, after the fajr prayer, the next day and found the Aisha may Allah be pleased with her and inquired about the prophet (saw) and ayesa (ra) said that the prophet (Saw) had not come home yet. So he was still in the Masjid doing, remembrance… He was praying, he was remembering Allah. He was supplicating, as he would do for a long time after the morning prayer after fajr up until the time of sunrise. So she went home, now on the prophet (saw) came home, Ayesa (Ra) told the prophet (saw) that fatima came looking for you today. prophet (saw) immediately went to the house and he knocked the door and Ali (Ra) man, who is it?

So the prophet (saw) said, that it’s it’s me. Ali (Ra) said ya rasulallah … He said o messenger of Allah wait, they wanted to get the house ready. It was nighttime. Okay, and they wanted to get the house ready and you know be a little bit more presentable, right? when the messenger of God comes to the home. the prophet (saw) said he said just stay as you are, stay seated as you are. Now, if you remember last week the house of Ali and Fatima (ra) had one bed. It was also their couch. It was also where they fed their animals from, so they literally sat up on the bed and the prophet (saw) said don’t get up just stay right there and it was a cold night. Okay, so the prophet (saw)…..they were kind of wrapped in the blanket. the prophet (saw) went Inside and he sat between them and he looked at Fatima (ra) and he said yeah fatima and she said yes o messenger of God. He said did you come looking for me today? So she said yes, oh my father. he said fatima what is it that you’re asking for?

Oh Fatima, what caused you to inquire? So she said to the messenger of Allah sallallahu alaihi wasallam that I heard that maybe you had a servant or a maid or someone that could help me. Maybe there was someone that could help me because it becomes difficult in the home. the prophet (saw) said who told you that there might be some servants or there might be a maid or someone to be able to help you out. She didn’t want to throw Ali (ra) under the bus because Ali (Ra) was the one that told her that I think that he might… he might be able to provide a servant or a maid or khadem to help you.

So she just said someone told me. so the prophet salallahu alaihe wasalam said shall I not o Fatima shall I not give you something that is greater, that is more beneficial than a servant or maid to assist. So they both said of course, now the thinking was that maybe he’s going to give you know, he’s going to.. he’s going to find a way to have multiple needs or multiple servants to help them out. the prophet (saw) is about to make the situation really good for them. Right? the prophet sallallahu wasallam instead said when you go to sleep say subhanallah 33 times, just to glorify God so say subhanallah 33 times, say alhamdulillah, 33 times meaning praise Allah 33 times and say Allahu Akbar 34 times. Okay that God is greatest 34 times. So glorify him 33 times, praise him 33 times and declare his greatness 34 times, which would make a hundred. They said … Allah will do that yeah rasulullah and then they said well and also…. is there a servant the prophet (saw) said and this is powerful because it shows you the ethics and the Integrity Of the prophet (saw). He said I can’t give you a khadem (servant) I can’t provide a servant for you and leave the people of .. which were the homeless people that slept in the Masjid. Okay, So the majid had homeless people …… for the people that slept in the back of the masjid. He said I can’t leave them and the orphans from the Battle of Badr empty-handed. Okay, so they were orphans from the battle, prophet (saw) that I can’t give them, I can’t.. I can’t help you and then leave them in their way, but the prophet (saw) said if you say the these words every night before you sleep Allah will provide for you in ways that are far greater than anything that you’re asking for. Ali (ra) said that I never missed there was not a single night, a single night that I did not say those words after that, subhanallah 33 times, Alhumdillah 33 times, Allah Akbar 34 times and he said I swear by Allah that we were increased in strength and sustenance and we never felt like we needed a khadem or needed a maid or a servant after that that Allah I had enriched us in this situation or gave us the strength so that we didn’t need anything after that.

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