What Your Wife Wants ┇ Never Forget | Yasir Qadhi & Mufti Menk

Yasir Qadhi illustrates here what is the primary need that a woman wants from her husband in #marriage; primary emotion that is the continual #love and the continual enveloping of that attention that the husband always makes his wife priority? The #husband always shows his #wife that I’m thinking about you; I’m caring about you; I will always love you to feel that love to feel enrichment they need to be constantly reassured that their husbands love them.

Yasir Qadhi quotes, “you make her feel like she’s number one; guess what she’ll make you feel like you’re number one”.

On the other hand #MuftiMenk mentions that many men could not be bothered to fulfill the #conjugal #rights of their own #spouse. When men sometimes think that’s it it’s me I’m only worried about me me, me and me you know, no way not at all it is about us it is about a #family unit.

Mufti Menk quote in this video clip, “A family unit is made up by more than one person otherwise it’s not called a family unit. A marriage is made up by more than one person otherwise it’s not called marriage”.

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